Diagnosis and Testing Units → Coolant Test

Thermometer, infrared, digital

Item no.: 72360L

EAN: 4033592031936

CO2 leak detector, 5-piece

for checking the tightness of the cylinder head

Item no.: 21050L

EAN: 4033592044066

Cooler squeeze off adapter, universal, 4-piece

for openings from 30 - 50 mm

Item no.: 21053L

EAN: 4033592138765

Coolant system testing and filling device

Filling by means of negative pressure

Item no.: 21010L

EAN: 4033592045803

Antifreeze tester

Item no.: 21500L

EAN: 4033592012058

Antifreeze and coolant tester

Item no.: 21505L

EAN: 4033592044806


Item no.: 21550L

EAN: 4033592012072